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Construction is a high risk work environment and requires trained and competent people along with a robust Safety Management System to ensure workers return home safely. The systems and processes have to be more than just compliance and more about proactively managing risks and hazards to ensure the workplace is injury free. 


The main objective for ACG is to ensure all works are completed without incident or injury to personnel, equipment damage or damage to the environment. ACG's Supervision are experienced trade based professionals that have first hand knowledge and experience of the works we undertake, and are dedicated in ensuring safe work practices are followed to Company OHS rules, guidelines and expectations. 


ACG’s core system of work drives a common sense, risk based assessment of all work tasks with an objective of raising focus and awareness of employees to the hazards associated with the task and work environment.


Safety Leadership is imperative to fostering the correct culture in an organisation. This is important through line Supervision and guidance and support given by the Safety Manager and leadership team.


ACG has a dedicated Safety Manager who has a wealth of practical experience combined with an Advanced Diploma in OH&S and is a key contributor to ACG's Procedures, Policies, Compliance and Safety Culture. He has completed his Certificate IV Training & Assessment Certification which allows him to conduct internal training directly to our workforce, ensuring all ACG Employees are Certified and trained accordingly.